Monday, August 10, 2009

Back to Glass

Ages ago I began my college career as a double major in both harp and art. After transferring my studies to harpist Dr. Ruth Inglefield, I entered the world of national and international harp competitions. This left very little time to carry a second major so art fell by the wayside. By my senior year I had pushed so hard and fast through the music curriculum that I found myself with a couple holes to fill in my schedule and, because I had fulfilled all my core art requirements, was able to sign up for a class in glassblowing. That was it. I was hooked. And thanks to the fact that I stayed at BGSU for my graduate work, I was able to spend almost 3 years in a really top notch glass studio. 

The instructor at that time was Robert "Bud" Hurlstone. The studio was well away from campus across the railroad tracks (where nothing important could get blown up if the gas fired furnace's systems failed) and shared a building with the ceramics department. It was a pretty small operation, one tank, one gloryhole, one annealer, one grinding wheel, but it was a fabulous program and many fine glassblowers honed their skills under Bud. Years later, as I returned to campus for a recording session, I found that the old studio had been deactivated and a wonderful new studio, very tricked out with all the latest and greatest in glass,  built in the heart of campus. BGSU is extremely blessed to have this fine facility and, while Bud passed away in 2005, I am sure great glass is still being made there.

Unfortunately, after I left Bowling Green, building my own studio was not a possibility and finding other studios in the Chicago area in which to blow was extremely difficult. I have managed to snag a little time here and there but it has been very sporadic. So it was with great joy that I discovered Hot Shop Glass in Racine WI. Because they rent studio space, I finally have somewhere to reconnect with my love of glass and this year I began blowing again in earnest. Here is some of my work. I hope you enjoy it.