Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Celtic Tune on Youtube, My Latest Video

Here is my latest Youtube video.

"Oh My Katie Wee" was written when I was expecting my daughter and subsequently she has declared it belongs to her.

(True story, I played harp right up until my due date with all three children - they all moved around quite a bit when I played, but my daughter was the only one who apparently knew my entire repertoire and would kick me if I made a mistake.)

This particular recording was made at the Racine Theater Guild when I appeared as part of their Jean's Jazz concert series. Celtic was not on the menu, so this was an encore.

I hope you enjoy it!


  1. That's really beautiful, Anne!

    Love your cuz,

  2. I like this web page. Just got the link from my mom. Hope all is well with ur overworked & underpaid self & ur beautiful family. Steve Urban

  3. Forgot my account info for this blog for over a year - sorry I didn't see your comments until October 2011!

    Thanks for the kind words!